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Moemn A. Bagdady

IT Project Manger / Web Desiner


Moemn A. Bagdady

Tech Operations Manger

My name is Moemn Abd El Wahap Bagdady,And I work as Tech Operations Manger & Requirements Analyst since 2010, I’m an Egyptian and currently based in Hafr Al Batin, Saudi Arabia, I have 9 years of experience in various aspects of business management, such as business analysis and development, Resources Management & Planning, in addition to a number of other technical expertise such as designing, developing and managing websites and databases, as well as a strong understanding of organization operation requirements, I seek to put my diverse and in-depth experience of years of responsibility and success in your hands.




10.2010 - 06.2014

I got my bachelor degree in Management Information Systems, and later on, I have finished a course in Business Analysis  . IT Project management  has always been a great interest of mine and a motivation for the further career path.


  • Activities and Societies: Supervisor Institute website for four year in a row .
  • Supervisor of Educational Technology Group.
Code Spaces Co. LLC IT & BS

IT Project Manager

11.2017 - Present

  • I am responsible for create & manage project plans.
  • Define project schedules, allocate resources and monitor progress.
  • I work with teams to align project objectives with the client goals, and make sure the project team is clear on objectives.
  • Deliver and install technology solutions.
  • Help project team with the design and development tasks if needed.
  • Lead process of issue identification and resolution.
  • Manage risk tracking process.
  • Monitor and manage scope.
  • Manage all documentation.
  • In special cases: I Analyze project requirements and assist client in building case study.
  • Reports to the CEO.
  • I work to foster partnership with customers,stakeholders and sponsors.
  • Sometimes I participate in developing plans to improve the performance and quality of the company.
Self Employed

Business Developer

4.2017 – 10.2017

1. Participate in the development of the company’s overall strategy and human
resources strategy.
2. Identify the needs and recruitment of employees and then selection and
recruitment to meet the company’s need of human resources to achieve the
objectives of the company.
3. Develop training plans for recruitment and training in order to improve
performance and upgrade the level and supervise their implementation.
4. Solve problems and develop preventive measures to prevent recurrence.
5. Develop physical and moral motivation plans and interview plans for the
company’s applicants and supervise their implementation.
6. Develop and conduct psychological tests for staff as well as conduct final
interviews for those who quit work.

• Increase the capacity of the company from projects through the recruitment
of new competencies and upgrade the current.
• Raise the level of happiness of our employees by providing special and
emergency holidays program and opening scholarships program.
• Raise the level of satisfaction with the company’s board of directors by
providing an integrated human resources management system and creating
staff archives.

1. Communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the whole organization.
2. Use data modeling practices to analyze needs and make suggestions for improvements and strategic and operational changes.
3. Examine potential opportunities and risks associated with the proposals made as recommendations.
4. Identify the processes and information technology required to implement the recommendations.
5. Produce written documents to support recommendations and support managers and staff in making recommended changes.
6. Oversee the implementation of the recommendations and ensure that the intended goal of the changes is reached.

• Establish clear plans for development departments in a short period of time.
• Add a digital marketing department and develop short-term marketing plans and seasonal plans.
• Create a data security department and prepare the company for the ISO 2015 certification.
• Restructuring the company administratively and financially.

My professional experiences as a Business Analyst started in Cubex
Solutions, a major software house based in Cairo, Egypt.
Cubex Solutions develops ERP systems, Artificial Intelligence analytical tools,
mobile applications and websites.
My role in Cubex included expanding already existing systems, develop new
designs and blueprints for new systems and applications, and aid developers
in grasping the full picture, and guided how their code should be implemented.
It also included the development of some visual designs and user interface
designs in accordance with the direction and horizon of the client and the
application of these designs on the solutions proposed to the client.

• Setting new standards for the company’s business analysis section and
raising the level of colleagues through continuous competition.
• Increase the customer continuity rate by establishing strong links and
• Introducing new services to the company, according to reports to the Board
of Directors on customer requirements.

Spotivty (Startup)

Co-Founder/ Web Designer
Cairo Governorate, Egypt

3.2013 - 2.2014

1. Design of the site interface and applications.
2. Follow daily operations on the site and application and receive the verb and
interact with it.
3. Attention to technological developments and modern software and maintain
the site and applications updated.
4. Produce user-friendly, efficient and attractive user interfaces.
5. Work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

• Develop new skills and experiences in appropriate program / programming
languages including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and others.
• Working as a team, We win first place in the Assuit Startup Weekend


Co-Owner/ Account manager
Sohag Governorate, Egypt

10.2010 - 2.2013

1. Participation in shaping the future of the company (the development of
strategic and operational plans).
2. Assistance in obtaining financing by investors and assisting in the growth of
the company’s network of relationships.
3. Determine the strategy of Internet marketing advertising, how the company’s
advertising growth.
4. Assist in determining the company’s message to market, develop and
implement our marketing plan.
5. Use every skill possible to enhance the company’s market model and
spread visibility.
6. Analyze competition and recommend the strategic moves of our company.
7. Collaborate with the team of strategic founders in developing strong,
integrated, structured and sustainable relationships.
• Working as a team we managed to manage more than 200 electronic
accounts for our customers, including individuals and private institutions and

Computer Skills

Web Design
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Bootstrap 70%
Hosting & Managing websites
WordPress,Git, WHM,cPanel. 80%
Developing & Managing database
SQL, MySql, MS Access, Xmind, UML 70%
Graphic Design
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, APMStudio 65%
Desktop Tool
M.Windows, M.Office,Ubuntu 13+ 80%

Project Management Skills

Identify, analyze and solve problems.
Ability to manage multiple tasks.
Office and Records management and Customer support.
Work on ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Systems.
Ability to work on busy environment and work with teams.

Event Management Skills

Event organizer.
Technical assistance.
Available to travel in & out KSA.


Fluent in Arabic.
Upper intermediate at English. CEFR level: B2

Soft Skills

  • The ability to create a result driven.
  • The ability to deliver presentations.
  • The ability to create strong peer relationships.
  • The ability to create Long-term communication.
  • The ability to modify and create strong strategic plans.
  • The ability to learn quickly in addition to teaching skills
  • Ability to create and lead a team to successfully perform assigned tasks.



Dr. Essam Al hazmi
Dr. Essam Al hazmi

جزاك الله خير 👍 والله العظيم من أجمل ما حصلي في حياتي التعامل معك 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Mustafa Rawi
Mustafa Rawi

Moemn Bagdady is a devoted employee, self-learner and perfectionist. He never stop working unless he has done his tasks in the best way even he surpassed the task’s requirements.

Aml Hamed El Amin
Aml Hamed El Amin

Someone who is committed, tries hard to bring what is new, creative with using limited resources.



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